Remember they are looking up to their dad

Published 12:48 pm Wednesday, February 14, 2007

By Staff
While most fathers see June as the month they are remembered, the governor of Michigan would like to bring attention in February to the importance of responsible fatherhood.
Governor Jennifer M. Granholm's declaration of February as Responsible Fatherhood Awareness Month recognizes the "critical role dads play in their children's lives."
On Feb. 6, the fifth annual Fatherhood Conference was held with keynote speaker Mac Bledsoe, author of "Parenting with Dignity" and father of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Drew Bledsoe.
If you have ever watched a child following their father's footsteps, covering his tracks pushing a toy lawnmower, you would know the child's goal of being like their dad.
Rather than teaching bad words, poor habits and unhealthy choices, a father can become a good example to their offspring.
By being honest, caring for others and taking care of himself, a father can directly influence his son or daughter's behavior.
Even those parents who only have visiting rights can make use of the time they have to be positive, show how proud they are of their child and encourage good behavior.
Don't limit shared activity to sports. Dads can read to their kids or listen to their youngsters read to them. Board games develop social skills and can be a fun way to interrelate.
Remember too to attend school parent nights. Showing you care about how they are doing in school can cause the child to also care.
The old adage "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree" can be a sense of pride for any dad. Look in the mirror and decide what you want your son or daughter to see and become.