Niles road crews deserve our thanks, consideration

Published 12:34 pm Tuesday, February 13, 2007

By Staff
Area road crews have been hard at work the past two weeks, clearing the many inches of snow that have continued to fall almost daily. With another snow storm in progress, we can be sure the crews will once again be busy at work, clearing the streets and attempting to make them as safe as possible.
It's important to remember that, while they try their hardest, not all streets will be plowed right away. The crew's main focus is on the busier streets, such as highways, since these roads are more traveled. It's also important to stay off the roads unless it is absolutely necessary. The more cars on the road, the harder it is for crews to keep them clean. Plus it will avoid unwanted accidents.
While road crews do their part to help keep the streets clear, we can also lend a helping hand for those who walk. Clear sidewalks in front of your home, if they have not been already. This will help those who choose to walk to their destination, children who walk to school and those who walk for exercise, and it will help our mail carriers. If you have health problems, ask a neighbor or family member to lend a hand.
Salt rocks are also nice to have on hand, as they melt the snow and ice that can build up by our doorways and in our driveways.
Remember, it's not easy to clear roads and sidewalks overnight. Be patient when you venture out and offer to lend a helping hand.