Brandywine econ class forms corporation

Published 2:22 am Monday, December 18, 2006

By Staff
For the past 4 weeks, Mr. Roeder's economics classes have been involved in a "hands-on" junior achievement project. In groups of four or five, they created a corporation, sold, and marketed a product.
During the project they made a Web site, commercial, made announcements, created flyers and posters, kept a business ledger, and sold their product during various times. They used the five main themes of capitalism: private ownership, competition, choice, profit and free enterprise.
The profit they made was split between the members of the group and charities. Some charities that received donations were: St. Jude's Children Research, Holy Cross Care and Rehab, local needy students and Hannah's House. Products sold included brownies, cookies, candles, beanie caps, key chains, bracelets and puppy chow.
The Brandywine Board of Education held their regular meeting on Monday, Dec. 11. The following information resulted from that meeting:
The Board approved the minutes from the regular board meeting dated Nov. 27.
The Board approved the payment of district bills in the amount of $1,073,265.19.
The Superintendent's Report included: Merritt Elementary School Showcase; FFA Certificate Presentation; Board Christmas Receptions – Dec. 21; 2006 Bond Issue Committee Update; Legislative Breakfast Report; STARS Conference at Central Michigan University; Picture – Board Members.
The Board approved the maternity leave request of Shelley Lietz, beginning Jan. 29, 2007 through Apr. 22, 2007.
The Board approved the district's participation in Schools of Choice for the second semester of the 2006-2007 school year.
Karen Weimer presented the board with information about the Title I site visit by the Michigan Department of Education.
The Board held a policy workshop.