Column: Beating the bulge

Published 7:18 am Tuesday, August 29, 2006

By Staff
The football season is only days away – with that means a lot of time on the couch and a lot of snacking, drinking and partying.
To keep looking good during the football season lets look at some ways to beat the urge to snack the football season away.
No. 1: Yes, it is fun to sit around with our friends and eat and drink while watching the "Big Game." Once in awhile that is OK but football is on many days of the week. Watch how much junk food you have in your house. Potato chips, ice cream, and deserts are just a few of the enticing treats you may have in your kitchen.
If you have the treats in your house you are going to eat them so try to limit what you eat or keep them out. If you cannot get rid of them put the snacks in areas that are not visible like a cupboard that is not used that often. Out of sight out of mind is the key. During game time pull out just a few snacks and limit your portions.
Try to cook foods that will fill you up so you are not so hungry for snacks like a healthy bowl of chili.
No. 2: Don't deprive yourself. Do not give up all of your favorite foods. By doing this you may end up overeating or binge eating.
Instead of buying that large bag of chips with 20 servings at 10 grams of fat and 120 calories per serving, buy a single size-serving bag so you can fulfill your cravings but be under control with how much you eat.
No. 3: Do not go shopping for the big game on an empty stomach. All of a sudden you are in the store starving because you did not eat breakfast and the next thing you know you are buying anything edible in sight.
No. 4: Be prepared when going out. There are going to be many of those yummy yet fattening football parties and cookouts to go to and the food temptations will be there.
I know half the fun is sitting around drinking and eating but just think about the consequences later. It is hard to lose the weight put on from those fun parties. Plan ahead and think about what you will do when you are tempted with all of that food. For example: if there is fruit there maybe you will pass on desert for fruit instead. Cut back on the amount of drinks consumed. The calories in a can of soda or beer can add up fast.
No. 5: Know when you are full and stop eating. Especially at parities the food sits out and people graze. Eating is many times associated with social events. You may not be hungry but everyone else is standing around the food eating and talking so you do too.
No. 6: Do not worry if you slip up. We are human and no one is perfect. When you have those off days, do not give up just keep going. Do something active like cleaning the garage or working out.
Just remember do not deprive yourself but eat in moderation. You can eat any food and be OK as long as you do not overdo it. If you do slip up just keep on going and do not come down on yourself. Have a plan before you go out to those yummy football parties and try to avoid temptation.