Truesdell on offensive

Published 6:28 am Wednesday, August 23, 2006

By Staff
NILES – In response to a recently revealed plan, state representative candidate Judy Truesdell Tuesday criticized Rep. Neal Nitz for repeatedly refusing to protect Michigan's working families, stop outsourcing and fight Illinois and Indiana trash.
"Neal Nitz is selling southwest Michigan families a 'New Distortion Plan,' not a new direction plan," Truesdell said. "Rep. Nitz's real record in the Legislature is a record of abandoning the working men and women of our district and his lack of leadership on issues most important to the 78th district like the outsourcing of jobs and the influx of Illinois and Indiana trash. We need real change here, not a false plan from a representative who repeatedly says one thing in the District and then does the exact opposite thing in Lansing."
Today, Nitz announced an agenda that purports to address major issues such as jobs, outsourcing and fighting Canadian and out-of-state trash. The real record is vastly different from his claims and he needs a rendezvous with his record.
On jobs, Nitz blocked a House Democratic plan to end tax cuts to companies that outsource Michigan jobs as well as a plan to protect pensions.
On fighting out-of-state trash, Nitz refused to take real action to attack the economics of the trash trade, instead allowing trash from neighboring states to continue flooding into Michigan. As a gift to the garbage industry, he also allowed landfills to expand.
On reducing the skyrocketing costs of prescription drugs, Nitz sided with big drug companies, repeatedly blocking a plan to allow Michigan to buy in bulk and help consumers save. He also refuses to repeal a Michigan law that gives drug companies total immunity when they sell drugs that harm or kill people.
"Neal Nitz had many opportunities to side with southwest Michigan families and he repeatedly took the side of big-money interests like the drug and trash industries," Truesdell said. "Our citizens need a plan for real change, not more distortions from Rep. Nitz that protect the special interests."