Advertising moves us – one way or another

Published 5:48 am Friday, August 18, 2006

By Staff
Recently, while I was sitting in the doctor's waiting room, I glanced at a forceful poster.
Piled high on a high chair were cigarettes in the photo.
A baby wasn't even needed in the chair to give the effect the anti-smoking campaign was looking for.
Those cigarettes were just a fraction of what children whose parents smoke inhale secondhand during their early years of life.
Personally, the new Subway commercials on television of the guy saying "eat fresh" make me want the man back who lost a lot of weight.
Hummer seems to be targeting people who have low self-esteem. I wonder why.
The Miller Light ads also appeal to the "man," but they are pretty funny.
Having terrible service through the cellular phone companies I have tried, up in the wilderness of Dowagiac and Cass, I don't believe any of their claims.
I have never paid so much for so little service.
Then there are the new burgers from Steak and Shake – piled high – one, two and three patties. Haven't they gotten the message that people are trying to eat healthier?
Why also does the nightly news station you are watching constantly have to tell us how great they are with self-promoting ads. We are turned to that channel.
Why not instead of promoting a news story with a short promo which is repeated every few minutes give us a more in- depth coverage.
The news clips on the radio are a joke they are so short. "All the news you need." Do you really believe that?
Other ads make you want to run out and buy their product, or hit Taco Bell for a late-night snack.
Car commercials show these vehicles driving very fast through tunnels and streets, or in the mountains where no one has ever been and on the bottom is the message: professional drivers on a closed course.
There are enough accidents without people thinking they want to try out all that power under the hood.
If everyone is complaining about the high prices of gas, maybe the car manufacturers should be concentrating on producing vehicles which get better gas mileage.
And that guy who skydives out of his house down to his vehicle – how does he get back home at night?
I think the ads for different medicines, followed by "ask your doctor" have gone down considerably.
Maybe they are finally putting more money into research.
With our new dish system, we are able to tape shows and then fast-forward through the commercials.
Not only do we save time, we are spared the constant repetition.
If a business is going to have five spots, why don't they rotate different commercials, instead of boring us to death?
I guess I am still a believer in print advertising.
Seeing an ad and being able to read it and hold on to it, is better.
I remember which store has the item I want.