Clark points to 30-percent surge in vote support

Published 5:33 am Wednesday, August 16, 2006

By Staff
THREE OAKS – Results from the Michigan Democratic primary Aug. 8 have been tabulated.
Kim Clark, Democratic congressional candidate for the 6th District says he made a surprisingly strong showing.
Clark, a Three Oaks businessman and community leader, garnered 21,557 votes.
In 2004, a presidential election year, the Democratic candidate received about 14,000 votes in the primary.
Clark's vote tally represents a 30-percent increase of votes in this off-year primary election.
Clark, very pleased by the turnout said, "It is clear to me that many voters desire change in state and national government and came to the polls in spite of virtually no contested races to have their voices heard."
Clark takes a progressive stance on most issues.
His main ones, he said, are "better health care for all, more jobs for Michigan that can't be outsourced and real government reform to keep lobbyists from dictating our legislation."
"Fred Upton has the big money – from big cable TV, big energy, big pharmacy, big oil – so he votes to keep getting it. This is not in the best interests of the general public. But it's the people who put legislators in Congress and it's the people who can vote them out. This is the year they are going to do that" said Clark.
Clark also takes a strong stance on the war in Iraq.
He calls for a "responsible withdrawal from Iraq."
He believes that the country "was misled as to the need for the war, that far too many lives have been lost or wasted and that the government is irresponsibly spending money the country does not have.
"What is worse, the Bush administration has no exit strategy," Clark said. "This war could continue for years to come."
Clark is a 12-year resident of Berrien County, where he owns and operates the Acorn Theater with his partner, David Fink.
His efforts restored the historic Featherbone Factory building and secured grants for new lighting,