Chieftainopoly board space up for auction

Published 5:04 am Friday, August 11, 2006

By By JOHN EBY / Dowagiac Daily News
Ready for a new Dowagiac board game?
Encore Dance Company created an instant collector's item with "Dowagiacopoly" millennium edition in 2000.
Inspired by the familiar family game in which players buy Atlantic City real estate and develop homes and hotels to maximize rents which opponents can be charged, "Chieftainopoly" in a limited edition of 750 games should be delivered in December to stick under Christmas trees.
A common denominator is Peggy Davis.
In the first fundraiser six years ago, her inspiration was daughter Kim, first runner-up to Miss Dowagiac Sarah Ostyn and a 2006 Union High graduate, but then a 12-year-old aspiring dancer.
Before, the boardwalk was sold like advertising space.
This time Davis, a special federal programs accountant at Southwestern Michigan College, wants to have a little fun even before the gaming begins.
In a new wrinkle, spaces on the board will be auctioned to local businesses and individuals at an auction tentatively planned for early September at Elks Lodge 889.
"Chieftainopoly" will be pre-sold on a first-come, first-served basis to benefit six DUHS musicians selected for the Southwest Michigan Ambassadors of Music European tour next summer.
They include her son, Bill, Kristin Krueger, Brendan Bressler, Heather Oneill, Brooke Warner and Jessica Hargett.
It will cost each musician about $5,000 to participate in a two-week itinerary that includes London, Switzerland, Germany and Italy.
Another fundraiser, a car wash will be taking place Saturday, Aug. 19, at 9:30 a.m. at Fresh Start Rent to Own on Spruce Street, across from Chris Taylor-Alumni Field.