Minks to run for Berrien County Commissioner

Published 8:47 am Saturday, April 29, 2006

By Staff
BUCHANAN - Jess Minks of Buchanan announces his candidacy today for Berrien County Commissioner representing the 11th District.
"I believe in finding workable solutions that benefit everyone in the county," Minks said.
"It is time to bring new ideas and new faces to the county decision-making process. We need positive changes that encourage our children to stay in this county and find employment."
Minks has four children, four stepchildren, nine grandchildren and one great-grandchild. "I know that decisions made today will have an impact on our future generations. And being a retired person on a fixed income, I understand the need to address issues affecting senior citizens and working families in Berrien County," Minks said.
Minks was born, raised and worked in an Indiana coal mining town. His father's hard, honest work and a supportive and loving community helped form the family values that play a major part in shaping his campaign goals, he said.
He said he believes the county commission should encourage new innovative ways of solving county wide problems that include economic development, expanding senior citizen services and improvement of public transportation.
Minks received a degree in labor studies from Indiana University and spent more than 20 years working with local labor organizations, focusing mainly on grievance procedures and arbitration.
Prior to moving to Buchanan, he had served as county councilman in Sullivan County, Ind.
Along with his wife, Edie, he helped found the South Berrien County Democratic Club.