Embrace this time of rebirth and joy

Published 5:38 am Wednesday, April 12, 2006

By Staff
Easter is a time of rebirth.
Very few of us could probably say they have no regrets. Most have made a mistake or two during our years on earth.
Even if you have strayed from a relationship with God, I believe Easter can be a time of starting over.
This is the perfect opportunity to forgive yourself for those things which nag at your brain. Letters you haven't written. Phone calls you should have made. The times you should have said - I'm sorry.
I believe God and our friends and relatives are much quicker to forgive us than we are of ourselves.
Spring brings new growth. I remember when I lived on O'Keefe Street I had a few acres of woods. Each spring I would enjoy walking through the trees seeing the buds and new flowers emerging.
Though I never did find the tasty mushrooms others seem to find in that area, the spring flowers offered a sense of promise and rebirth.
Some regular churchgoers may look down upon the Easter and Christmas visitors. Though they may not be in the pew each week, I am sure in God's eyes they are just as welcome, even if they only come to a service once or twice a year.
Besides, you don't go to church to please your neighbor, or show off an Easter bonnet. That may have been true years ago, but I doubt you will even find that many hats worn this Sunday.
Though we may fail not once, but twice or even three times, or more, we can still pick ourselves up and try again. Failure is failure only if we give up on ourselves.
If we thought life would be easier with new products to do cleaning “swifly” or technology, which would connect us anywhere in the world in seconds, we were kidding ourselves.
The stress of keeping up has left so many people I know more confused and separate from each other. No one has time anymore.
I get multiple emails forwarded to a chain of names strung together. People are connecting in a way which is new, yet so impersonal.
The columnist Mitch Albom, of the book “Tuesday with Morrie,” wrote this week about the importance of family dinners. Kids just need someone to listen.
I know one of my regrets is I know I didn't listen as I should have. In between finding ourselves, building our careers and working on our personal relationship, our children are left to seek to someone to listen.
Too often the one they find to hear them has a made-up name and talks over the Internet in the dark of night.
We can't turn back the clock like we do during daylight-saving time, but we can made choices for our future.
Spring is the perfect time to seek acceptance of the past and look ahead.