Make use of kid’s spring break

Published 1:45 am Tuesday, March 21, 2006

By Staff
Spring break is right around the corner for most children in this area. This is a time for children to sleep in, watch TV all day long or play those action packed video games, right? WRONG! While these are all a child's ideal dream day when they are off of school, make sure you plan ahead and have plenty for you little one to do.
Spring break vacation is a great time for your child to meet new neighborhood children. Take your child for a walk and reintroduce them to the neighborhood, since most of the winter days were spent indoors. Also talk with the neighborhood parents and set “play dates” for children during the break. One day your child can play at their house and the next day their child can come to yours.
Set a few days aside for your child and take them on “mini” vacations. The Potawatomi Zoo will open on April 1, just in time for spring break. Take your child out for the day to check out animals. You can also go on picnics, bike rides and walks. These will not only give you special time with your child, but it will also give both of you exercise.
If you are one of the parents who will be stuck at work during your childs' break, maybe it would be a good idea to sign them up for the Niles-Buchanan YMCA's Spring Fling.
This is a week of fun and learning and will give your child a chance to meet new friends and explore new things. More information on this is available on the sports page.
Whatever you plan, make sure your child has plenty of fun things to do over spring break. Keep them busy, keep them moving and, most of all, make sure it's fun!