Fall MEAP results in for Niles schools

Published 1:37 am Monday, March 20, 2006

By By ANDY HAMILTON / Niles Daily Star
NILES - The grades are in and Niles Community Schools is above average.
Results from the fall MEAP tests are complete and will be discussed tonight at the Niles board of education meeting, Superintendent Doug Law said.
Of the 15 tests administered in grades three through eight, 13 tests by Niles Community Schools scored above the state required percentage. Plus, the scores for all 15 tests were significantly above national levels required by the No Child Left Behind Act, Law said.
The improvements can be credited to the district's changes in curriculum and the attitude adopted by the faculty that “failure is not an option,” Law said.
Third, fourth and seventh graders took the math and english language arts (ELA) tests; Fifth and eighth graders were administered the math, ELA and science tests; Sixth graders took the math, ELA and social studies exams.
Scores are shown following the state's required proficient percentile:
Third grade:
Math: 87 percent/89 percent.
ELA: 78 percent/79 percent.
Fourth grade:
Math: 82 percent/87 percent.
ELA: 76 percent/78 percent.
Fifth grade:
Math: 73 percent/79 percent.
ELA: 75 percent/75 percent.
Science: 77 percent/82 percent.
Sixth grade:
Math: 65 percent/76 percent.
ELA: 77 percent/69 percent.
Social Studies: 78 percent/75 percent.
Seventh grade:
Math: 60 percent/69 percent.
ELA: 73 percent/80 percent.
Eighth grade:
Math: 63 percent/72 percent.
ELA: 69 percent/78 percent.
Science: 77 percent/83 percent.