God is the master builder

Published 9:34 pm Friday, February 24, 2006

By Staff
The wonders of the universe confound every serious seeker. As more powerful telescopes are built, they only reveal galaxies yet undiscovered. And as more powerful microscopes are made, they only reveal greater complexity to matter than could have been imagined.
As the frontiers of science push forward, the evolutionist is ever sent back to his lair to explain away grand intelligent design.
God will always be beyond our understanding. Even when blood-bought believers in Jesus Christ stand in God's presence in Heaven, there will be an awesome, overwhelming sense of wonder. We will see Him, and our only response will be worship.
In all His magnificence and glory, God is imminently practical.
He created life. Creatures have the ability to live unplugged; that is, we are not like plants that must be tapped into soil. God created us to need food, air, water, and rest. All these things are delightful in their ability to refresh and restore.
God as master builder also is master controller. He put us on earth to enjoy His creation and live within the confines of His character.
God did create man with the capacity to reason and reach conclusions. God gives freedom for man's thinking to exclude Him.
As you study Scripture, you might think God's dealing with man was trial and error. God put man and woman in a beautiful garden, and gave them almost complete freedom.
There was one thing forbidden. They violated that rule, and they and all of us have suffered the consequences of sin.
Mankind proceeded to drift ever farther from God. Finally, God had enough and destroyed every living thing on the face of the earth except Noah, his family, and representatives of every species of animals. God as master builder designed an ark, a huge boat built by Noah.
The plan was intricate and every detail was outlined by God. There was no room for the improvising of man. The ark was effective in sparing all occupants from the destruction of the great flood.
Man started again and went the same direction-away from God. God had always had a plan to redeem fallen man. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was destined to be the ultimate sin sacrifice even before the earth and man were created.
God's plan was getting more specific. He chose a man and from him a nation whereby He could bless the world. Abraham was the father of Israel. That nation was forged by God under the bondage of cruel overseers in Egypt. God delivered His people from Egypt and introduced to them a complex set of instructions called the Law.
God as master builder produced a law intricate in every detail and covering every situation of life. Living under the Law was like having the thickest rule book imaginable. Keeping the rules was not optional. Some infractions brought death.
The Law of God was burdensome; God intended it to be so. Man could not keep the Law and God's judgment ensued. The nation of Israel split and went into Assyrian and Babylonian captivity for decades. God was not finished. When He was ready, He broke the bonds of captivity and returned the people to the land of Israel.
The remnant that repopulated Israel was so fearful of breaking God's Law again that they built a fence around the Law and imposed such regulations that would protect anyone from a law violation.
The result was an even more burdensome code to live by.
The stage was set for God to do what He always planned-redeem fallen man. Jesus Christ, God's Son, came, lived, died, was buried, and resurrected from the grave. The sin debt was paid. Man was free from the Law as a means to righteousness.
God as master builder had completed the path for man to come back to full life and freedom. The revelation of God in the Holy Bible's New Testament reveals how to live and enjoy all the blessings available under the canopy of Jesus Christ.
As we stumble through life, wouldn't you think we would be running to God's master plan?