Column: You can help prevent those health risks

Published 9:07 pm Tuesday, February 21, 2006

By Staff
There are health risks that you may not have much say over throughout life, but there are some you do. Let's look at the health risks that you can help prevent and change.
Exercise, eat well, and see a doctor.
If you are overweight, it is more than just appearance, it is about your health.
Obesity is a huge catalyst in many of the world's health problems such as: diabetes, heart attack, depression, sluggishness, poor self esteem, and the list goes on. If it is too hard to eat well and exercise on your own seeing a doctor may be your best avenue.
They may be able to put you on the path that can save your life.
This is a bad habit and once it's started is hard to break.
Smoking has no positives. Smoking doubles your chances of stroke. Even if you do not care about your own health what about the health of others around you? This is one habit that has a direct negative impact on others. Second hand smoke is just as deadly.
Even if you smoke outside, the smoke that is detected from your clothes by others is still damaging.
High Blood Pressure
High blood pressure increases your risk of both heart attack and stroke.
Did you know that once a person has a stroke they have a one in six chance to have another one within two years? Watch your diet and stress levels. Try to incorporate a regular exercise routine into your life.
If you are worried that you cannot control your blood pressure see a doctor.
High Cholesterol (LDL “bad”)
Heart disease and stroke – the leaders in high cholesterol.
Having a proper diet is very important. Not watching what you eat could cost you your life. If high cholesterol is something that you are unable to lower on your own, you need to have a doctor help you.
High cholesterol can cause plaque to erupt and blood to clot, which is very serious.
Brittle Bones
As you age, you may come into problems with bone density.
People of all ages need to keep strong bones. If you do not you will have a great probability of incurring osteoporosis. You will have a greater likeliness of bones being fragile and breaking easier as you age. Start getting enough protein and dairy in your diet. Including this in your diet will help prevent bone loss, protect your muscles, and other body tissues.
Exercise and strength training will also be a great proponent to the strength of your bones.
These are just a few examples of the serious ailments in which individuals may have throughout their lives. Beginning by changing one little thing could make a world of difference.
Thought of the week:
Happiness is the sense that one matters.
Happiness is an abiding
Happiness is single-mindedness.
Happiness is whole-heartedness.
Happiness is a by-product.
Happiness is faith.

-Samuel M. Shoemaker
Reference: Nutrition Action