Column: Congrats wrestlers; Hello Super Bowl

Published 6:31 pm Friday, February 3, 2006

By Staff
I would first like to start by congratulating the Niles wrestling team on its Big 16 West Division championship.
The Vikes claimed the title on Thursday when they defeated Dowagiac.
Another congratulations goes out to Buchanan, which defeated Brandywine Wednesday night to remain undefeated in the Lakeland Conference.
As you probably know, both of these teams were undefeated in the LAC heading into the match.
I wasn't there, unfortunately, but I was told it was a very good meeting between the two schools.
Our wrestling programs in this area have really been outstanding this season. And the fact that all three of the squads have a lot of young kids on their teams proves that we still have some successful seasons ahead of us!

I came into work this morning and had a message on my machine from someone wondering what time the Super Bowl is this Sunday.
I don't know if they left a name or call back number because the message stopped right after they asked.
The actual game starts at 6 p.m. on ABC and the pregame starts…well, I'm not real sure. I looked it up on the internet this morning and it didn't say. I would say just watch ABC all day long, it will probably be a pregame show the entire day.
As far as entertainment, this year we have Patti LaBelle highlighting the seventh-annual Super Bowl Gospel celebration along with several surprise guests and NFL stars.
The legendary Rolling Stones will perform in the Sprint Halftime Show.
So, who will it be? The Seahawks or the Steelers?
Both teams have die-hard fans and many reasons why they will win.
Making a Super Bowl appearance for the first time in 30 years would make any team motivated enough to grab a championship.
And Pittsburgh, well we all know that is a drinking town with a football problem. That city eats, sleeps and breathes Steelers football.
But what this game will come down to is who wants it more.
Me, I'm pulling for the Seahawks. I've never been a big Steelers fan…well, I've never really been a Seatle fan either, but I am rooting for them.
And, as with every year, the thing that most excites me about the Super Bowl is the commercials. I'm sorry, I'm a girl. I like football, don't get me wrong, but funny commercials ammuse me more.
I probably won't even watch the whole game. I never do unless it's very close.
Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday and don't be afraid to pig out. That's what it's for. It should become a national holiday! Super Bowl Sunday. It's had the name for years. What do ya think congress or Dub-ya? Oh that's right, it doesn't involve oil! (Just kidding)