Don’t be taken in with promises

Published 2:22 pm Wednesday, January 11, 2006

By Staff
No matter how many times the message is sent out, there are still those who are taken in by those wishing to take someone else's money.
Cass County Sheriff Joseph M. Underwood Jr. recently sent another message to citizens of the area. A Canadian sweepstakes scam is circulating in the Cass County area.
Residents have received letters announcing prize money of $350,000 awarded to winners selected through a random computer ballot system.
Enclosed with the prize letter is a cashier's check in the amount of $4,200 indicating that the individual is responsible for paying $3,700 for non-resident taxes.
Further instructions state to deposit the enclosed check in the individual's bank and then contact a “claim agent” immediately for instructions on how to pay the taxes, so the “winnings” can then be released as soon as possible.
If the individual deposits the check into their account, they will be liable for those funds and could be prosecuted.
The only thing which will stop these people who would take someone's hard earned savings is if no one responds to their scam.
Sheriff Underwood reminds citizens that it is illegal to participate in Canadian lottery and sweepstake offers.
If you receive a prize announcement in the mail for a contest you did not enter, it is not legitimate.
If you have any questions about any suspicious mail, phone, Internet or personal solicitations, contact the Sheriff's Office at 445-8644.