Grants/loans to reduce higher education costs

Published 12:03 pm Wednesday, December 28, 2005

By Staff
LANSING - Governor Jennifer M. Granholm and State Treasurer Jay B. Rising Tuesday announced through its commitment to help Michigan residents earn college degrees and other post-secondary credentials, the Bureau of Student Financial Services awarded more than $255 million in grants and scholarships to Michigan students this year.
The bureau administers 19 financial aid programs and manages the federal student loan program. The bureau supports Governor Jennifer Granholm's goal of doubling the number of college graduates in Michigan.
"Higher education has never been more important to our state than it is today," said Governor Granholm. "As we continue the critical work of developing a high-tech, 21st Century economy in Michigan, we must also develop a high-tech, forward-thinking workforce, that will help lead us to future economic successes."
"All of these programs help keep college affordable and accessible to thousands of Michigan families," said State Treasurer Jay B. Rising.
"Whether providing scholarships, zero-percent loans, or college savings plans, we help students and their parents pay for college and work with them to ensure they aren't saddled with significant debt after graduation."
The following are Bureau of Student Financial Services highlights for 2005:
The Bureau of Student Financial Services administers state-funded grant, scholarship, and work-study programs as well as the federal student loan program.
For information on all of the state's financial aid programs, call 1-800- 642-5626, extension 37054 or visit