Column: Sticking with your resolution

Published 11:58 am Tuesday, December 27, 2005

By Staff
It's almost the New Year and we all know what that means: the dreaded New Year's Resolution.
We all make them and most of them have to do with losing weight and working out. The real question is: how many years before have we made this resolution and how long will we stay with it this year?
Usually the gyms start booming at this time of the New Year and will start to taper off in a few months. Why is this? So many of us go into the gym full force determined to shed those holiday pounds. So what happens? After about a month we get burnt out, bored, tired and lose our commitment.
Many times we will make a pact with a friend saying if you do it I will do it, which can make it more fun because you have someone to help pass the time and keep you accountable to your goal. Then the friend decides that they do not have time and quits so you quit because you do not want to do it by yourself. So, how can we help stay away from dropping out?
Reward yourself
Get yourself ready and excited to start your new workout program. Buy yourself a new outfit to workout in, a sports watch or a personal training session. By doing this it will help inspire you to get into the gym and have fun and stay interested in your workout.
Take it slow
We are all so excited and ready to jump right into it. If you jump the gun, it may hinder the length of your workouts. You will soon get bored and possibly stop working out all together. Work into your workouts gradually and increase as you go on. Remember to change you workouts every six to eight weeks so you do not get burnt out.
Give yourself some time
Give yourself a break. Do not go full force everyday with your workouts. You need to give yourself (mind and body) time to relax. A couple of days off a week are not going to hurt you; it will help you.
Do it with a team
Doing your workouts with a group of people is better than by yourself. You do need some time to yourself, but to keep motivated it is always good to have others around who have the same goals as you. Working out with others keeps you accountable to your goal. People have a harder time admitting to others that they have not done something they said they were going to do. If you do not have people around who you know would want to workout with you, join an aerobics' class or toning class where you can meet others.
Make it a lifetime goal
People get so excited during the first of the year to lose weight but months later it that excitement fizzles out. You have to have long-term (lifetime) goals to lose weight and maintain what you lose. If you do not you will be back next year with the same New Year's Resolution.
Hopefully these tips will help. Just remember to take it slow and have fun. You need to find a way to make exercising fun in order to keep it a part of your every day life.
Have a Safe and Fun New Year
Thought of the week: Love is everything.
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