Students connect with victims

Published 10:39 am Tuesday, December 20, 2005

By By ERIN VER BERKMOES / Niles Daily Star
NILES - When Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast of the United States, the students in the Niles Community Schools did their part and were able to help raise $5,400.
Topash went on to explain that the school age children are just floating around the trailer park they have named Renaissance Village, which has been formed from trailers given to the evacuees by FEMA.
Students from several buildings attended the meeting to help present Topash with the funds collected.
In other business the Board approved a grounds use request of the Apple Festival grounds from the Niles Burn Run, for their annual fundraiser for the Great Lakes Burn Camp.
The Niles Burn Run is an annual motorcycle fundraiser to be held on July 16, 2006.
The Board also was appreciative of two gifts the district received from two local foundations.
The first gift received by the district is an $18,000 donation from the Hunter Foundation to help support the Healthworks program.
The second gift the district has received is a donation of $35,960 from the Wood Foundation for classroom technology at Ring Lardner.
Finally the board approved the official bond resolution which calls for an election on Feb. 28, 2006, and includes the language which will be on the ballot.
Community members are being asked to approve a $105.2 millage for the construction of a new high school, which will likely be built at the intersection of Lake Street and Carberry Road. The bond issue also includes the renovation and remodeling of existing buildings within the district and finally the closing of Eastside, Cedar Lane, Westside and Ellis schools.