Sounds of the season mix with Muppets

Published 7:24 am Wednesday, November 30, 2005

By Staff
I fumbled with the radio dial until I came across a station playing all Christmas music. One station changed its format only for weekends, but others will run only holiday songs until Christmas day.
Already though, in just a few days, I have read too many Muppets sounding off the 12 days of gifts. This morning I heard a “Redneck” version on a country station with everything from two hound dogs to nine years probation.
I still love the old classics from Gene Autry to Bing Crosby.
My ex always had us watch “It's a Wonderful Life” each year with Jimmy Stewart. This year he was excited to go see it on the big screen in an old Chicago theater.
My snowmen are all up, placed around the living room. I must admit though some I left up all year behind the glass doors of my old secretary.
I still am debating where to put a tree as I have way too much furniture.
Though I say the stores start the season too soon, it seems there aren't enough weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year's to do all I would like.
I am getting back into making Christmas presents, as are many others I have spoken with. Not only are they more personal, you get the added benefit of feeling good about creating something that lasts.
Putting the paper out each day may be creative, but it also goes to the bottom of the guinea pig's cage or the the trash the next day.
One of the gift sets I am making is matching napkins and tablecloths. Then again I wonder does anyone still take time to dress up their table?
We used to always get out the “good china,” even though it really wasn't more expensive than our “everyday” dishes.
The holidays were all special, with the table in the dining room used, as opposed to the kitchen. Mom would wear an apron and every vegetable was put in a serving dish.
I have those dishes now, and even the aprons, but unfortunately they aren't taken out very often. Our lifestyles have changed so I have even spent my holidays at a restaurant with my kids coming from many directions for a few hours together.
Maybe Martha Stewart goes a little too overboard, but I think we could all use a little more of the things which make the holidays special.
May we all take some time this holiday season to share memories with our friends and family.
Ray on the Everybody Loves Raymond rerun the other night said we will all end up in a box some day.We can't take our things with us so we might as well enjoy them while we're on the earth.
He was trying to get his mother to speak to her sister, before it was too late for both of them. I myself could take a lesson from that episode. So I bet could a lot of other people.
Time is shorter than we think. Enjoy the holidays. Don't stress out, but do take some time to make extra special memories for your loved ones.
I still won't wear an apron though, but I will use her dishes.