Many reasons to be thankful this year

Published 8:41 pm Thursday, November 24, 2005

By Staff
It has been quite a year.
We surpassed 2,000 American soldiers to die in Iraq. We watched as people were swept into the sea in the tsunami on the other side of the world.
Then tragedy struck closer to home as we braced of a season of hurricanes, with Katrina and Wilma striking blows which will take years of recovery.
Bodies are still being found, as people venture back into New Orleans and enter homes where loved ones waited in vain before finally drowning or starving to death.
It has been a year of watching pain and suffering and also seeing how people respond to the tragedy of others.
Pocketbooks were opened as money poured into the American Red Cross to help those who were left with nothing after their homes, spouses and children were swept away.
Trucks were filled with food, blankets and cleaning supplies and sent down south to those who have been left with nothing.
Many drove down and gave their time to help distribute water and ice.
So it was a year of pain and also one of hope.
If anyone feels they have nothing to be thankful for, they merely have to glance at that haunting photos of those who really have nothing.
Thanksgiving should be much more than you is going to bring the pumpkin pie and why did I eat so much.
Now more than ever, we should give thanks for all that we have been given.
The only person I knew who lived in New Orleans is a doctor whose practice was destroyed. He is thankful, I am sure, that his family survived and his home wasn't too badly damaged.
Others weren't so lucky.
The Christmas push toward getting consumers to purchase more this year began even early than usual. Our television screens flash with the newest, best products your family just can't live another year without.
I liked it better when Thanksgiving came before Christmas and Santa wasn't making his appearance until after the turkey had become soup.
You can't blame the stores. They are looking to recoup losses they felt when gasoline prices soared and spending was curtailed. Still Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are all running together without a breath in between.
Sometime this week, before or after the football games and the pie, it would be good to reflect on the past year and look at all we have and give thanks.
Though we probably won't experience Lake Michigan flooding our homes, we still could lose everything in a heartbeat, by fire, tornado or other accident.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving and don't eat too much. If you have never made turkey soup- it's great. My mother always cooked up the carcass, added vegetables and noodles and voila it makes a perfect treat for the weekend.