Our world is an amazing place

Published 7:59 pm Thursday, November 3, 2005

By Staff
It has been a little stressful in our family lately.
Those of you who have followed my tales through the years may remember my daughter-in-law who was diagnosed with a disease last year, following a stroke at age 29.
The mother of my only grandchild, now two, she is a little bit of a thing, barely 95 pounds I bet.
A marathon runner, she ate right, exercised and did all the things you are supposed to do. Still her carotid arteries in her neck were blocked.
Last week at St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester, Minn., in what I believe to be an amazing surgery, she received a teflon artery. Though it doesn't take away the disease, which can have other side effects, she now has less chance of another stroke.
Imagine having your neck cut open and being on the operating table for more than five hours.
But more amazing is this young woman, who went to the University of Notre Dame, then on to get her doctorate studying medicine, was able to go into that operation knowing she might never wake up.
The strength people find comes from inside, their faith in God and the support of their family and friends.
She wrote about the coming operation in her journal, which is on a special web page especially sponsored for those with health issues.
Reading about how scared she was broke your heart reading it. She wanted nothing more than being able to wake up later that week in her own bed and hear her precious Ellie singing in her crib from down the hall.
Her wish to all of us was that we would appreciate our loved ones and tell them how we feel.
In her own words, before the operation, she gives some advice from which we all could benefit.
Thanks Carrie Steffens for your strength, your beauty, your love of life. You have touched more people than you will ever know.