Differences can tear apart a community

Published 6:19 pm Thursday, September 15, 2005

By Staff
In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina government officials are now in the process of name calling and pointing fingers at those who will be blamed for the lack of quick response to those in need. Agencies will be reformed and some, like the head of FEMA will be seeking new jobs.
Unfortunately even at the level of local government there are also those who would point fingers and call names.
Instead of going through proper channels, there are those who use other ways to get what they want and in the process often everyone in the community suffers.
Most of those in authority are not all bad. They do make mistakes and should be held accountable. They should also be accepted as only human and therefore not infallible.
Until you have sat in the chairman's chair, or gone to the many meetings, week after week, month after month, you shouldn't judge.
We all need to be tolerant of our city, village and county officials, and even those in higher authority at the federal level.
Criticism can be good and can lead to better government. It just needs to be done in the proper manner, without name calling and juvenile behavior.
Speak out, run for office, talk to your government officials and help them work for a better life for us all.