Cedar Springs, Vicksburg take titles

Published 6:10 pm Thursday, September 8, 2005

By By SCOTT NOVAK / Vigilant/Argus
DOWAGIAC - Cedar Springs and Vicksburg won the boy's and girl's portions of the Edwardsburg Invitational on Saturday at Southwestern Michigan College.
Cedar Springs scored 19 points to edge runner-up Vicksburg, which finished with 27 points.
Sturgis was third with 29 points, while Mendon was a distant fourth with 49 points. Coldwater rounded out the top five with 60 points.
Plainwell finished sixth (77), Bangor seventh (80) and Niles eighth (111) Brandywine 12th (197). Rounding out the order of finish were Kalamazoo Hackett, Delton-Kellogg, Dowagiac and Paw Paw.
Vicksburg was the girl's champion with 15 points. Cedar Springs was second with 27 points and Sturgis a distant third with 51 points. Rounding out the top five were Delton-Kellogg and Berrien Springs with 66 and 79 points respectively.
Edwardsburg was sixth with 84 points, Plainwell seventh with 109 points, Niles eighth with 112 points, Bangor ninth with 130 points and Paw Paw 10th with 151 points.
Dowagiac finished 11th with 199 points.
In the composite team scores (combined boys and girls results) Vicksburg finished with 42 points to edge Cedar Springs which had 46 points.
Sturgis was third, Plainwell fourth, Delton-Kellogg fifth, Bangor sixth, Niles seventh, Dowagiac eighth and Paw Paw ninth.
Also competing on Saturday without full teams were Berrien Springs, Brandywine, Cassopolis, Coldwater, Edwardsburg, Howardsville Christian, Kalamazoo Hackett and Mendon.
Landon Peacock of Cedar Springs was the top finisher in the boy's junior-senior race as he posted a time of 15:35.
Coldwater's Jay Bilsborrow was second with a 16:22.
Edwardsburg's Michael Penninger was the top area finisher as he took 16th with a time of 18:08.
Niles' Andy Karsten was 19th with a time of 18:24, while Steve Scally was 21st with a time of 18:25. Derek Percell finished 70th.
Dowagiac's Brad Lee was 29th with a time of 18:55. Jason Tabbert was 32nd with a time of 19:09. Mike Kasper finished 36th, Adam Hess 37th, Andrew Cuthbert 40th, Evan Bressler 49th, Oscar Azevedo 62nd and Tony Saviano 80th.
Brandywine's Brian Wieger finished 22nd 18:26 and Dan Devos finished 45th with a time of 20:20.
In the freshmen-sophomore race, Dowagiac's Clay Hewitt finished 16th with a time of 19:29. Jason Hurrle was 63rd, Eric Morton 72nd and Matt Gross 73rd.
Niles' Brett Ortiz was 23rd with a time of 20:03.
Shawn Calhoun was 48th and Matt Ftacek 66th.
Brandywine's Tyler Weeden as 53rd with a time of 22:08. Tom Buzzard was 77th and Cameron Roth 79th.
Niles' Samantha Brawley was second in the girl's freshmen-sophomore race with a time of 21:27. Molly Waterhouse of Vicksburg was the overall winner with a time of 20:15.
Niles' Elizabeth VandenHeede was fourth with a time of 22:15, while Autumn Grayson was 15th and Nikki Horvath 50th.
Dowagiac's Kayla Saviano finished 37th with a time of 26:22. Catherine Hamilton was 60th.
Brandywine's Ashley Harrelo was 31st with a time of 26:01. Sara Devos was 48th and Ashley Church 63rd.
Edwardsburg's Angie Bronicki was the top area finisher in the junior-senior race as she took 11th with a time of 22:26. Cedar Springs' Katy Cramer was the overall winner with a time of 20:19.
Niles' Tami Madison was 45th with a time of 27:00. Amanda Smith finished 61st.
Dowagiac's Chrissy Huff finished 50th with a time of 27:32.
Brandywine's Caylyn Garrard was 44th with a time of 26:59.
Southwestern Michigan
Boys team scores
Cedar Springs 19, Vicksburg 27, Sturgis 29, Mendon 49, Coldwater 60, Plainwell 77, Bangor 80, Niles 111, Kalamazoo Hackett 129, Delton-Kellogg 131, Dowagiac 140, Brandywine 197, Paw Paw 237
Top 15 individuals
1. Landon Peacock (Cedar Springs) 15:35; 2. Jay Bilsborrow (Coldwater) 16:22; 3. Tyler Emmorey (Cedar Springs) 16:48; 4. Ransom Brown (Coldwater) 17:08; 5. Nate Knisely (Coldwater) 17:15; 6. Austin Brown (Sturgis) 17:24; 7. Randy Lash (Vicksburg) 17:34; 8. Mike O'Brian (Kalamazoo Hackett) 17:41; 9. Eli Goudzward (Mendon) 17:42; 10. Cad Reigle (Vicksburg) 17:45; 11. Chris Ryan (Vicksburg) 17:47; 12. Will Dresser (Sturgis) 17:52; 13. Andy Barrus (Sturgis) 17:57; 14. Taylor Polzin (Sturgis) 18:00; 15. Lucas Wolthuis (Vicksburg) 18:02
Girls team scores
1. Vicksburg 15, Cedar Springs 27, Sturgis 51, Delton-Kellogg 66, Berrien Springs 79, Edwardsburg 84, Plainwell 109, Niles 112, Bangor 130, Paw Paw 151, Dowagiac 199
Top 15 individuals
1. Molly Waterhouse (Vicksburg) 20:15; 2. Katy Cramer (Cedar Springs) 20:19; 3. Meagan Neary (Coldwater) 21:24; 4. Sam Brawley (Niles) 21:27; 5. Heather Helbling (Cedar Springs) 21:31; 6. Kaitlin DeBruen (Vicksburg) 21:44; 7. Kate Brundige (Vickburg) 21:48; 8. Marissa Ingle (Delton Kellogg) 22:01; 9. Becky Miller (Berrien Springs) 22:07; 10. Janice Haney (Bangor) 22:10; 11. Lisa Weichhand (Vicksburg) 22:12; 12. Emily Baker (Sturgis) 22:13; 13. Elizabeth VandenHeede (Niles) 22:15; 14. Bailey Waterhouse (Vicksburg) 22:23; 15. Angie Bronicki (Edwardsburg) 22:26