Helping those in need Edwardsburg Lions are always there

Published 4:21 pm Thursday, July 14, 2005

By Staff
As quickly as word went out there was a family in need, the Edwardsburg Lions were quick to respond.
Pam Swaim of the Lewis Cass Intermediate School District Resource Center in Cassopolis sent out e-mails on Monday afternoon asking for help for grandparents who had adopted their 4-year-old grandson.
The boy had been the victim of shaken baby syndrome and had grown to the point where it was difficult for the couple to carry him.
Swaim said some lumber had already been donated, but they were in need of someone who could construct a wheelchair ramp at their home. Building codes would have to be researched and the structure would need to be built to required specifications.
Jerry Tavernier of the Edwardsburg Lions told Swaim, "not a problem," he'd take care of it and contact the family who needed the ramp built.
The next afternoon Swaim was able to send the e-mail that help had been found in the form of those dedicated members of the Edwardsburg Lions Club.
These Lions will soon have a reputation of being angels in disguise, as they have come to others aid many times.
One example of their handiwork can been found at the Cass County Youth Club on Decatur Road, where they also constructed ramps so all the children would have access to activities and restrooms.
When the playground in Edwardsburg was given new equipment which needed to be assembled - these Lions were there. At Kraus Park in Edwardsburg you can enjoy your lunch under the shade of a pavilon, thanks to the Edwardsburg Lions.
The Lions deserve a round of applause for their constant commitment to help others in the community.