DAR unveils Nathan Hale oak at Newton Woods

Published 4:25 pm Thursday, July 14, 2005

By Staff
On June 13, members of the Capt. Samuel Felt Chapter, DAR, gathered on the lawn of the Newton House between Dowagiac and Marcellus to participate in the unveiling of their Nathan Hale Northern Red Oak.
They had planted this historic tree two years ago, June 9, 2003.
Protected from wind and snow by a long plastic tube, the tree reached the top of its container.
As instructed by the Famous and Historic Trees, from which the tree had been purchased, the chapter removed the sheltering tube two years after the original planting. The tree was a gift from the DAR to the Newton House.
According to Environment Chairman, Virginia Bontrager, "Every famous and historic tree planted contributes to American Forests' global 'releaf' goal to plant 20 million new trees for the new millennium. We feel that with this we have made a commitment to a brighter future for all Americans."