Expos take win over Cubs in Babe Ruth

Published 7:58 am Thursday, June 30, 2005

By By ERIKA PICKLES / Niles Daily Star
NILES - Both teams picked up wins Monday evening, but when the two met on Wednesday, the Expos took an 8-1 win over the Cubs.
The Cubs remained scoreless until the fifth inning when Justin Stroud scored the only run for his team. The Expos scored three runs in the second, four in the third and one in the fifth.
Nick Fedore was the winning pitcher for the Cubs with four strike outs and only two walks.
Travis Rooney suffered the loss and threw five strike outs.
The Expos were led offensively by Bryant James with two singles, Cody Pierson with a double and a single and Derrick James with a single.
Top hitters for the Cubs were Alex Lindsey, Stroud, Brad Heron and Josh Eaves all with singles and Dustin Zimmerman with a double.
The Expos are now 5-7 on the season and the Cubs are 10-2.
Expos, Cubs take wins Monday evening
The Expos and the Cubs both picked up wins Monday evening in the juniors division at Thomas Stadium.
The Expos took a 13-3 win over the Giants, scoring runs in all six innings.
Glen Ferenczi took the win on the mound for the Expos againt Chris Brady.
The Expos were led offensivley by Nick Fedore who had a double, single and two RBIs, Ferenczi had a double, Will Coar had a single and a RBI, Cody Pierson, Derick James, Bryant James and Ben Gerber all had singles and Camron Ondresky had a single and a RBI.
The Giants were led by John Rosol with a double, Robert Basker with a single and a RBI and William Poers and Jordan Arnold both with singles.
The Cubs were victorious over the Yankees by taking a 7-3 win.
Jake Harris was the winning pitcher for the Cubs against Mitch Plott.
Top hitters for the Cubs were Harris with three singles and a double, Josh Eaves with two singles and Joe Knuckles with a single.
The Yankees were led offensively by Zack Bloss with two singles and a RBI, Josh Getz had two singles, Mitch Plott had a double and a RBI and Keith Webber had a single.