Commercial-free television would be wonderful

Published 7:38 am Wednesday, June 29, 2005

By Staff
Some advertisements turn me off so much I would never buy the product they are promoting. Others make me even think about switching companies. I just wonder what the statistics are for Geico Insurance since its cute spokesman, the gecko, has been introduced. They are so clever, pulling you in making you think you are watching something else, until the characters say, "I just saved a lot of money…."
I am sick to death from all the car commercials which take you up into the mountain, or on a deserted coast. Where are these things filmed? Do they bring the car by helicopter.
I am nibbling right now on a box of Cheez-Its. I know why they say, "Get your own box." I am not sharing with anyone.
I get especially frustrated with the constant ads which push the company you already have for cable, or the ads for buying special shows, after you are already paying a fortune for the channels you have.
I got hooked the other night on the Into the West series. The problem is they take more time showing previews, or scenes from past episodes, inside of new footage..
Since I seem to be in the mood to complain, let's go to my junk mail in my mailbox.
After being turned down for a car loan from a major bank, I am getting at least two envelopes a day from the same bank offering me a credit card with zero percent interest for a certain amount of months.
Interesting, they can't give me a car loan because of something they say they found on my credit rating, but I have been pre-approved for this card at a much higher percentage rate.
There is a little star though by the part which said I am pre-approved. They still have to check again and I might just not qualify.
Unfortunately for the lady who sounded like she was from India who called the other night - I had just received two more of these offers in the mail just that same day.
I told her what she could do with her offer of another credit card - in a nice way of course - and told her to take me off their list. I had a previous loan from them so the do-not-call list doesn't apply in that case.
I really doubt that will be the end of solicitations from that bank.
Someone once told me you should mail back all those offers which are inserted with your bills. Mark them no I don't want this radio or ring or whatever they are selling. It is bad enough to have to pay the bill, let alone have all this junk mail you now have to dispose of.
I just never have had the nerve to put it in with my check.
I suppose I should be paying my bills online like my son. After working all day on a computer I don't even want email at my home to have to go through more spam.
If I want to connect with my kids I would rather hear their voice on the telephone.
I did call my son Clay last night. He is doing remodeling on the "Mary Tyler Moore" house in Minneapolis.
For those of us you remember his wife has a disease and had a stroke at age 29, she got some good news from Mayo's yesterday that the drugs seem to have put her in remission. She still may need an operation, but that was good to hear.
My granddaughter Ellie, turns two on Friday and is starting to learn her ABC's. I wish them luck with the "twos."