Column: NASCAR bound

Published 5:59 am Friday, June 17, 2005

By By the time most of you read this column, I will be well on my way to Michigan International Speedway for this weekend's racing events and I am so excited!
I believe I have said this once before, but I'll say it again. If you have never been to a race, please put it on your list of things to do sometime in your life. Even if you're not a fan.
Up until 2003, I was never really a big NASCAR fan. I knew who the drivers were and I knew what their cars looked liked, but as far as watching them on TV or following who was in the top five…didn't care.
My mother, stepfather and all of their friends have been going for years. I always wanted to go, but they never let me because they used the "you're too young" excuse. But now I can see why they didn't let me go. Don't get me wrong, It's a blast, but not really kid suitable. Though I do see a lot of kids there.
This year, I am very excited to see the truck races. It's the first time in MIS track history that the truck races are being held in June.
Bobby Labonte, Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch and Ken Schrader will all be competing in Saturday's Paramount Health Insurance 200.
I had the opportunity to interview Jack Sprague last week and it was pretty neat. He was my first celebrity interview, he was very nice and boy does he love to talk! Sprague was the winner in last weekends truck Series race in Texas. I think maybe the phone interview had something to do with his win….that's just my guess!
I will definetly be rooting for him on Saturday.
Another thing I am excited about is seeing the new renovations at MIS. They have spent months working on the project. The renovation included a reconfiguration of the frontstretch area which will include new ticket gates, new vendor and display areas, several new concession stands and a new suite/club structure high above the main grandstand near the start/finish line. The suite/club area will hold 16 suites, press box, 870 Champions Club seats, timing and scoring area, television and radio broadcast area and race control for use by the sanctioning bodies.
Not that I will ever get to see any of that, but it goes to prove just how much NASCAR is growing in popularity and will continue to grow.
I am exciting about the whole weekend, but the thing I am most excited about is seeing the Batmobile. I mean who wouldn't be excited about that? Maybe Batman will be there! And Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise…WOW!
Ok so I went a little overboard there.
The Batmobile really will be there. It will be on display all weekend and will be the lead car in Sunday's Batman Begins 400. How cool is that?
Tickets are still available for the weekend events. If you are thinking about going…do. It will be well worth your time and the three hour drive!