Gas prices play role in vacations

Published 5:00 am Saturday, June 11, 2005

By By EMILY DREITZLER / Niles Daily Star
NILES - It seems as if gas prices are continuously rising and the days when gas was under $1.50 a gallon are but distant memories.
With increasing gas prices and travel plans for summer vacation quickly approaching, many area residents are finding traveling anywhere out of the local community may add up to be a small fortune.
While shopping for groceries at Wal-Mart, in Niles, Buchanan resident Carolyn Reiter shared her concern that rising gas prices may hinder her ability to financially afford to travel a long distance this summer.
Bud Fisher, of Buchanan, was surveying the selection of tools at Wal-Mart when he displayed his frustration with the rising gas prices. Fisher stated, "I was going to take a trip but since gas prices are on the rise, I guess I won't be able to this summer."
When asked how rising gas prices are going to alter his summer plans, Niles resident Bill Schrader responded, "They don't alter my summer plans in regard to what I'm going to do or not do, except they get on my nerves."
Texas native Beverly Mackey was enjoying an afternoon at Riverfront Park, in Niles, visiting with her children and grandchildren when she shared her lack of concern with the raising gas prices.
As Paul Parrish, from Cassopolis, was glancing over the sale items at Lowes, in Niles, he explained how his summer plans have changed due to the rising gas prices. "We have a camper and made arrangements to stay local instead of traveling because of the high gas prices," stated Parrish.
Parrish wasn't the only customer at Lowes who was frustrated over the high gas prices, Niles resident Randy Armstrong explained his dismay over having to adjust his travel plans. "Due to the cost of gas, I have to cut back on traveling this summer because my vehicle isn't very economical for much travel and, unfortunately, it doesn't look as if gas prices will go down anytime soon," Armstrong said.