Grads begin next stage

Published 4:04 am Monday, June 6, 2005

By By ERIN VER BERKMOES / Niles Daily Star
NILES - For the 43rd time students from Brandywine High School walked across gymnasium stage to receive their diplomas and start a new chapter in their life.
Jeannine Antus Konkar a 1977 graduate of Brandywine, who is now the vice-president of advertising for the Los Angeles Newspaper Group and Alameda Newspapers, was the keynote speaker at the commencement ceremony.
Konkar added that the use of one's knowledge is power and getting an education is going to be critical in the career market.
Konkar then challenged the class of 2005 to write down their goals in life and make sure that in the end they achieve them.
Konkar added that without failure you can't have victories and also give back to things, because that is the true value of one's self.
Konkar then presented Lisa Konopinski and Alex Newman, who received the booster's scholarships, with an additional $500 scholarship. She had received that scholarship herself.
The salutatorians and valedictorians of the class of 2005 then addressed the audience.
Co-Salutatorian Nicole Dembinski said, "In our time here we have learned three things, procrastination works, high school goes by fast and we have to thank our support team."
Dembinski added she had once read a quote which said, Twenty years from now you will be disappointed with what you didn't do.
Co-Valedictorian Kristin Bivens delivered an emotional message, as she dedicated it to her father who passed away when she was just eight years old.
Finally Co-Valedictorian Emily Harrison said, "We are leaving here today with lessons in life. Take the memories and lessons we have learned from our teachers and friends and go out into the world."
Harrison added the lessons learned about one's self are the most important and it's time to go out and choose one's own path and become one's own leader.