Optimist season ends on high note

Published 3:07 am Tuesday, May 31, 2005

By Staff
Congratulations to the Optimist Soccer League, which ended a fun and exciting 28th season last Thursday.
Over 1,600 people were involved in some way with the league this year.
Coaches, players, referees and parents all lended a hand which helped make this year one of the best ever!
There are quite a number of things that the league is thankful for, but one thing that really stuck out were the referees.
Parents and players were all very pleased with how smoothly the games went and how big of a role these people played in helping teach the children what was right and what was wrong in the game of soccer.
The refs, just like everyone else in the league, were volunteers. Some were just adults who love the game and have been doing this for years, while others were high school students, some of whom play for their schools' team.
While the league is thankful for so many good things that happened this year, it's was a big surprise at how fast this season went. Time flies when you're having fun!
Overall, this season was an excellent one and thank yous go to everyone involved. This season wouldn't have been so successful without the time and effort everyone put in.
Thanks for a great season and don't miss out next year as it promises to be another great season in Optimist Soccer.