Driving force behind Meals on Wheels keeps it rolling

Published 3:12 am Tuesday, May 31, 2005

By Staff
It is a simple concept. When the elderly or those who are disabled are unable to get out and shop or go out for a meal - bring the meal to the person at their home.
Meals on Wheels is a vital way that these men and women receive nutrition, but also have some communication with the outside world.
The stop from a friendly volunteer who brings their lunch is a way they connect with another human being and know they aren't alone.
Clients receive in some area programs both a hot meal and a cold one for later.
Meals have been designed by dietitians to have the proper vitamins and also variety for their diet.
Those who donate money to the Meals on Wheels organization are invaluable for the continuation of the program.
Meals on Wheels could not succeed without another important element - the drivers.
Those retired people, mothers, fathers and grandparents, who give up approximately one and a half hours a day to deliver these meals are the driving force behind the program.
Without them, all the cooking and preparations would be worthless.
Contact your community Meals on Wheels program to learn how you can contribute.
Volunteers are always needed, whether as a daily commitment or on a part-time basis.
Your mileage may be tax deductible, but more importantly is the good feeling you will have about yourself.
In Cass County, call the Council on Aging at (269) 445-8110.
In the Niles/Buchanan area, call Liz at (269) 687-1462 to volunteer.
Drivers are on the road from 11 a.m. until 12:30 p.m., picking up meals at Lakeland Hospital in Niles.
There are five different routes with approximately 15 to 20 stops per route.
Help support your community.