Optimist Soccer League ends 28th season

Published 2:53 am Friday, May 27, 2005

By By ERIKA PICKLES / Niles Daily Star
NILES - The Optimist Soccer League wrapped up its 2005 season last night at various locations around Niles and Buchanan.
This year was another fun and excited year and a lot of coaches, parents and players are said to see it go.
Most of the kids were jumping around, excited for their teams success this year and excited that summer vacation is right around the corner.
Others weren't too happy and shed a tear or two as their teams vanished of the field.
Though there were a few tears, everyone involved with the league seemed very pleased with the way this season went.
Willis admitted there were only a few minor problems this year and that all of them have been resolved. "When you have over 1,300 people involved with somehting like this, there is going to be a few problems, but they were only small problems and all of them were worked out."
All of the volunteers, from the coaches to the referees, were greatly appreciated during the season.
The referees were made up of high school students, most of them on their schools soccer teams, and other adults.
Another thing most people couldn't help but notice was how fast this season went.