Column: Positive outlook for up and coming athletes

Published 2:04 am Friday, May 20, 2005

By Staff
I've heard it a lot since I started working here and now I really do believe it.
I was told a few months ago by a parent of an athlete at Ring Lardner to "watch out for the group that's coming up because they are very competitive" And now I can see why.
Ring Lardner's track coach Joe Zdziebko is responsible for the wonder articles of his track teams that have been posted in the paper and just reading over those I can see how competitive these kids really are.
I had the chance to attend a track meet about a month ago and I was surprised not only at how well the kids were competing, but the overall appearance of some of these athletes blew me away.
Some of them looked like they should have been seniors and they haven't even stepped foot in the high school yet. They towered over most of the kids from the competing schools and outshined them in almost all of the events.
And the track teams aren't the only ones who did well this year. The volleyball team went undefeated and from what I am told, all of the other sports did very well this year.
I'm very excited to see what this group will bring to high school sports in the next few years. Niles is way overdue for some kind of a state championship and I think this group just may be able to bring one in.
The last time the high school saw a state title, from what I've heard, was in the 60s. OUCH! Over 40 years! Yeah, I would say we are way overdue.
Speaking of track teams and state titles, the high school track team is competing at the MHSAA Regionals in Allegan today and they are favored to win.
Coach Tony Todd said his team should be sending 10 to the state finals. If the team comes out on top they will be invited to the "Team State" which only allows teams who won regionals to join.
Good luck to all teams competing in regionals and all other tournaments coming up and great job to Ring Lardner sports for a great year!