Friends light up her life

Published 1:37 am Tuesday, May 17, 2005

By By RANDI K. PICKLEY / Niles Daily Star
NILES - This week's Star Student is Cassie Negron, an eighth grade student at the Ring Lardner Middle School. Cassie is the daughter of Peg Negron and David Negron.
Cassie said of her favorite subjects, "I like English and band the most. I play flute in the band, but will be switching to oboe soon."
In her spare time, Cassie said, "I like being with my friends like any kid does."
While Cassie is blessed with a talent for both English and music, she feels she needs a little help with some other subjects. "I don't usually like science, but I have this awesome teacher who makes it fun. I like algebra, too, but only when I understand it."
The first thing Cassie does when she gets home from school is to get on the computer. She said, "I like to talk to my friends. A lot of my friends don't go to my school and some are home schooled, so that's the best way to keep in touch."
As for homework, she said, "I get to the big stuff after dinner, otherwise I just do it before bed. I'm a bit of a procrastinator, but I still get my homework done."
This summer, when her schedule slows down, Cassie said, "I'd like to play my keyboard and sing, and play my other instruments, too. I also want to read and write a lot, maybe write a journal or poetry. And of course, I'll talk to my friends."
Of her future, Cassie said, "We've been doing Career Pathways in journalism and communications arts (writing). I'm interested in that, but I might like to be a Bible School teacher. I like little kids. They make me smile."
Cassie's teacher, Amanda Vins, gave Cassie a glowing report after recommending her for the Star Student award.
In closing, Cassie shared some of her wisdom about life.
She said, "I want to tell everyone that worldly objects will not always fulfill you. This world will always be empty, but once we're in Heaven we will be fulfilled. We are never alone because God is always there."