Waste collection is chance to clean garage

Published 12:13 am Wednesday, May 4, 2005

By Staff
Get rid of household hazardous waste safely at the Berrien County sponsored Household Hazardous Waste Collection. The collection takes place Saturday, May 14, from 8 a.m. to noon, at the Southeast Berrien County Landfill in Bertrand Township.
Accepted items include used motor oil, old filters, gasoline, antifreeze, oil-based paint, stain, batteries, lawn care products, home medical waste/sharps, mercury containing items, photo chemicals, and more. Items not accepted are latex paints, smoke detectors, propane tanks, tires or appliances.
The collection is open to Berrien County residents only; no buinesses or institutions. Except for larger quantities of car batteries and liquids, the collections are still free. The first two car batteries will be free with extras costing $1 each. The first 10 gallons of any one liquid type is free with each additional gallon costing 50 cents.
The Household Hazardeous Waste Collections give residents a safe way to get rid of unwanted household chemicals that should not be disposed of in the regular trash. The hazardous waste collections prevent pollution of lakes, streams, and wells that may occur due to improper disposal in drains, sewers, or on the ground. Questions should be directed to (269) 983-7111 ext. 8234 or email jcooley@berriencounty.org.