Two candidates seek school board seats

Published 10:42 pm Friday, April 22, 2005

By By ERIN VER BERKMOES / Niles Daily Star
NILES - In the Brandywine School District when voters head to the polls in May they will be electing two school board members to a four year term that expires in 2009. Voters who live in Milton Township will also be voting for a Southwestern Michigan College proposal.
Voting will take place on Tuesday, May 3 from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Merritt Elementary School located at 2428 S. 13th St. in Niles.
Running for another term in office is incumbent Philip Bozung, who has been on the board for the past six years. He is a programmer for Steel Warehouse. He and his wife Janice have two children, Tom, who graduated in 1996 from Brandywine, and Leigh Ann, who graduated in 2001.
He added that in doing so, the resources will make the graduates of Brandywine Public Schools good citizens and they will have acquired the skills and knowledge needed to achieve their goals in the 21st century.
Over the past six years one of the primary challenges Bozung has faced and will continue to face will be the acquiring and allocating of funds available to provide the maximum benefit and the least impairment to the students.
Bozung added that while he believes that much progress has been made, more is required and that is why he is seeking another term on the board.
Also running for a seat on the board is Dennis Hinsey in Niles. He is the advertising manager at Leader Publications. He and his wife, Marcy, have two daughters Grace, two and a half, and Emma nine months.
Hinsey added that with many districts facing budget challenges, he will examine each issue presented to the board and make recommendations that will not harm the education of the students in anyway.