Time running out to sign up for driver’s ed

Published 9:45 pm Friday, April 15, 2005

By Staff
NILES - For students interested in driver's education this summer, the time to register is running out. The deadline for turning a registration form is Friday, April 22.
Students planning to sign up for the program must meet the following conditions:
They must be a United States citizen, a Michigan resident, be at least 14 years plus eight months on the first day of class, have proof of 20/20 vision or corrective vision, and they must pay the registration fee of $265 by the April 22 deadline.
The driver's education program comes in two phases in Michigan. First, the student learns to drive the car and does bookwork to learn rules and signs. Once they are 16 years, plus six months of age, they are required to take six hours of lecture on driving. The cost for phase two is $50.
According to Doug Law, superintendent of Niles Community Schools, most private driving programs range from $400 and up, so students enrolling in the Niles program save about $85 dollars.
There are approximately 100 students signed up for the program at present. However, in order to cover the costs of the program, the registration must reach a minimum of 220 students or the school system will be forced to cancel this year's session.
Until five years ago, the State of Michigan covered the costs for driver's ed programs, but for the past two years, the school district has had to come up with its own funding.
Two sessions will be offered this summer. The first will run from Monday, June 13 through Friday, July 1. The second session will start on Tuesday, July 5 and end on Monday, July 25.
Registration forms are available at the high school's main office. Both Niles students and out-of-district students are eligible to take the course. The cost is the same for both.
Out-of-district students can check with their high school office to see if a registration form is available there. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis.