Look back at Buchanan season with fondness

Published 7:02 pm Wednesday, March 16, 2005

By Staff
BATTLE CREEK - The result was not exactly what was anticipated Tuesday night, but for the Buchanan varsity basketball team, there was no shame in their loss.
Most of the fans who filed into the Battle Creek Kellogg Arena Tuesday night expected Buchanan to pick up where it left against Albion.
You see, the Bucks had blitzed the Wildcats in a regular season meeting, 75-55.
Add to that the fact that Buchanan had knocked off Albion in last year's Class C quarterfinals and you had a pretty confident bunch of Bucks.
But confidence can be a funny thing some times.
Confidence can be your best friend one night and your worst enemy the next.
Tuesday night in Battle Creek it may have been Buchanan's worst nightmare.
For whatever reason, Buchanan didn't play its normal style of basketball.
The Bucks played Albion's style.
Some of that may have been caused by the Wildcats and some of it may have been caused by Buchanan's desire to blow Albion away like it did earlier this year.
Still, in reaching the state quarterfinals for the second straight year, Buchanan has plenty to be proud of.
There were a lot of long faces filing out of the arena Tuesday night, but in the coming days, weeks and months, those same faces will turn to smiles when they talk about what Buchanan has accomplished the past two seasons.
Each and every team in the state dreams of making a long tournament run as it begins the season.
Very few do it. In fact, there were only eight teams playing in each class Tuesday night.
Four go on to East Lansing with their dreams of winning a state championship still alive.
Four teams in each class will have to look back at their seasons and for themselves whether or not they were a success.
While most of the Buchanan fans were saddened by the loss, there are plenty of fans who would trade places with the Bucks' faithful.
There are thousands of fans who would have loved to be watching their team play Tuesday night in Battle Creek.
So keep your head up Buchanan. You have accomplished many great things these past two years. Look back at them fondly and remember that you are one of the best eight teams in the state.