Gym used for friendly exchange

Published 6:25 pm Thursday, March 10, 2005

By By ERIN VER BERKMOES / Niles Daily Star
NILES - Student cross town to exchange ideas.
In an effort to gain more knowledge and to meet people the 30 students from the student councils of Niles High School and Brandywine High School participated in a student council exchange on Wednesday.
Hoyt said Brandywine got the idea from the Lakeland conference schools.
The main goal of the exchange was for the Niles students to see what is done differently at Brandywine.
It is a way for the students to come up with new ideas as to what they could do at their school, to develop friendships with people from other schools and to promote diversity.
During the exchange the students participated in four different sessions. The first was a welcoming session, where the students were introduced to each other and learned about what was in store for the day.
During the second session, the students from Niles were given tours of the high school, to see what is really unique about Brandywine. They learned what types of different classes are offered and even how the students at Brandywine have been dealing with the construction that has been going on in the building all year.
During the third session the students got to experience what lunch at Brandywine is like.
And finally the fourth session was titled give and gather. This is where the students broke off into groups and shared some of the things they had learned from each other throughout the day and then made a poster reflecting what they learned and presented it to the group.
Nicole Jones who is a junior at Niles said, "It was fun to see what the Brandywine Student Council is doing, and we have gotten some really good ideas we could use from them."