Ranked Chieftains fall twice

Published 9:32 am Friday, December 3, 2004

By By SCOTT NOVAK / Niles Daily Star
CONSTANTINE - The No. 9 ranked Dowagiac varsity wrestling team had to wait nearly an hour and a half before starting its season Thursday night.
When the Chieftains finally did get on the mat, things didn't go as planned.
Dowagiac (0-2) dropped both matches to Otsego, 35-33, and to host Constantine, 40-34.
Going undefeated on the night for the Chieftains were Jeromy Northrop and Elijah Caldwell.
Finishing the evening 1-1 were Ryan Dutoi, Terry Prowoznik, Justin Desjardin, Kyle Bennett, Matt Behnke and Tony Stewart.
Green noted that Richie Hutchinson and Mike Kasper both gave great efforts against tough opponents in both matches.
Green said he had expected to win both matches Thursday night, and that a win here or there in both would have made a difference in the outcome.
Dowagiac will try to defend its Vicksburg Invitational championship on Saturday. Wrestling is scheduled to begin in the team tournament at 9 a.m.
103: Corradini (O) won by forfeit
112: Sherman (O) p. Ryan Galbreath, 1:25
119: Trollford (O) d. Richie Hutchinson, 14-2
125: Quick (O) p. Taylor Phillips, 4:26
130: Ryan Dutoi (D) d. Nappo, 9-7 (OT)
135: Terry Prowoznik (D) p. Meyers, 1:38
140: Wales (O) d. Mike Kasper, 16-3
145: Jeromy Norhtrop (D) won by forfeit
152: Corradini (O) d. Justin Desjardin, 14-7
160: Elijah Caldwell (D) p. Lobretto, 2:24
171: Kronka (O) d. Rob Duszynski, 10-7
189: Kyle Bennett (D) p. Doxie, 1:03
215: Town (O) d. Matt Benke, 10-7
Hwt: Tony Stewart (D) p. Lust, 1:38
103: Leer (C) won by forfeit
112: Justin Richter (D) p. Davison, 2:26
119: McDowell (C) d. Richie Hutchinson, 9-3
125: Miller (C) p. Taylor Phillips, 2:21
130: Williams (C) p. Ryan Dutoi, 1:17
135: Bowen (C) p. Terry Prowoznik, 3:10
140: Davidson (C) d. Mike Kasper, 9-0
145: Jeromy Northrop (D) p. Redman, 1:38
152: Justin Desjardin (D) d. Smagala, 9-0
160: Elijah Caldwell (D) p. McClure, 4:48
171: Rob Duszynski (D) p. Wolf, 1:20
189: Baker (C) d. Kyle Bennett, 9-6
215: Matt Behnke (D) p. Nottoli, 1:35
Hwt: Cassleman (C) p. Tony Stewart, 3:07