Big 16 names its All-Conference squads

Published 9:13 am Monday, November 29, 2004

By Staff
The following is a list of the Big 16 Conference's All-League teams for boys' and girls' cross country, boys' golf and girls' tennis. Girls' basketball All-Division teams will not be released until Niles, the last league school, is eliminated from the MHSAA tournament.
Boys' cross country
Jay Bilsborrow, Coldwater
Ryan Grau, Kalamazoo Central
Andrew Lawrick, Lakeshore
Steve Briesach, Kalamazoo Central
Zach King, Portage Northern
Ryan Ellspermann, St. Joseph
Grag Farnum, Battle Creek Central
Patrick Cooper, Portage Northern
Nate Knisley, Coldwater
Tim Murray, Sturgis
Ransom Brown, Coldwater
Ryan Bean, Harper Creek
Mike Fish, Mattawan
Nick Dillman, Marshall
Andrew Leahy, Marshall
Bryan Principe, Mattawan
Patrick Hall, Sturgis
David DeMulder, Portage Northern
Steve Kuhlman, Battle Creek Lakeview
Sam Marvin, Portage Central
Girls' cross country
Jennifer Hamilton, Battle Creek Lakeview
Diane Hamilton, Battle Creek Lakeview
Jana Graudins, Kalamazoo Loy Norrix
Tina Walter, Portage Northern
Sarah Zebell, St. Joseph
Emily Letts, Portage Northern
Stephanie Essenmacher, Battle Creek Lakeview
Megan Hendershot, Marshall
Laura Haskins, Portage Central
Chelsea Thompson, Portage Northern
Ruthie Sloan, Sturgis
Adellie Drillock, Kalamazoo Loy Norrix
Savannah Hagen, Kalamazoo Loy Norrix
Kelly Gallagher, Kalamazoo Central
Sarah Larsen, Mattawan
Lisa Keyte, Portage Central
Kara Fortney, Battle Creek Lakeview
Abby Woodard, Marshall
Becky Schmidt, St. Joseph
Anna Burch, St. Joseph
Leah Tundevold, Portage Central
Boys' golf
Alex Watkins, Coldwater
Ben Landgraf, Niles
Nick Carbary, Mattawan
Mark Buckley, Battle Creek Lakeview
Brandon Lamons, Portage Central
Matt Thompson, Battle Creek Lakeview
Donovan Egan, St. Joseph
Dave Maxey, Dowagiac
Bryan McKenney, Marshall
Jess Kynaston, Portage Northern
Dave DiGiovani, Kalamazoo Loy Norrix
Drew Laskey, Marshall
Brad Toepper, Kalamazoo Central
Mike Lawson, Kalamazoo Central
Girls' tennis
Raelyn Althoff, Lakeshore
Lindsay Carroll, Battle Creek Lakeview
Cameron Chatman, Portage Central
Cathy Cline, St. Joseph
Jessice Corns, Battle Creek Lakeview
Sara Howland, Portage Northern
Emma Luther, Kalamazoo Central
Michelle King, Mattawan
Jade Richmond, Sturgis
Lisa Rubino, Dowagiac
Shannon Smith, Portage Northern
Erin Weldon, Mattawan
Lindsay Swisher-Katie Stanchak, Battle Creek Lakeview
Alia Kaakari-Sarah Sinclair, Kalamazoo Loy Norrix
Beth Chucta-Kelly Revall, Mattawan
Dina Salmon-Morgan Peterson, Portage Central
Kelsey Chrystal-Kailin VanDeVelde, Portage Northern
Whitney Johnson-Kylie Cheevers, St. Joseph
Girls' swimming
Haley Wood, Battle Creek Lakeview
Logen Truex, Battle Creek Lakeview
Sarah Jones, Battle Creek Central
Val Smith, , Battle Creek Lakeview
Lauren Ray, Harper Creek
stephanie Shook, Harper Creek
Daniele Hurst, Marshall
Lisa Egelkraut, Battle Creek Central
Erin Borgerson, Harper Creek
Katie Rollert, Battle Creek Lakeview
Cayla Counts, Harper Creek
Katelyn Cumback, Battle Creek Lakeview
Sarah Anderson, Marshall
Christina Moore, Harper Creek
Jacqueline Ewing, Battle Creek Lakeview
Jen Bittner, Battle Creek Lakeview
Jennie Cox, Battle Creek Lakeview
Maggie Gendernalik, Battle Creek Lakeview
Kacie Martin, Sturgis
Paige Kerschen, Harper Creek
Allison Babbitt, Battle Creek Lakeview
Lori Morton, Portage Central
Katie Rence, Portage Central
Natalie Torano, Kalamazoo Central
Kendal Barry, Portage Central
Brianne Powers, Kalamazoo Central
Mari McLeod, Kalamazoo Central
Chelsea Giuffre, St. Joseph
Kim Betz, Portage Central
Beth Cyr, Portage Central
Kelly Schulze, Kalamazoo Central
Katy Knoechel, Kalamazoo Central
Maggie Vail, Portage Northern
Kylee McMullin, Portage Northern
Aimee Lechota, Kalamazoo Central
Sara Iseminger, Portage Central
Kristen Ray, Portage Central
Megan Dubois, Mattawan
Ashley Murphy, Portage Northern
Sandra Newberry, Portage Central
Allie Kilber-Campbell, St. Joseph
Shelby Collier, Portage Central
Katelyn Clancy, Portage Central
Annie Stuedemann, Mattawan