Family, principal, pets top list of blessings 2nd graders here count

Published 8:50 am Thursday, November 25, 2004

By By SPIROS GALLOS / Niles Daily Star
NILES - During this time of the year when so many people are counting their blessings, it's easy for adults to overlook the little things in life which truly enrich everyone's days.
Thankfully, children never seem to be in short supply of being thankful for those seemingly trivial things like having a cousin to pass the time with or a pet to occupy their interest, that adults often take for granted.
A dozen second graders at Merritt Elementary School were asked the question, "What are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday?"
Kayly West, 7, said she was thankful for many things, including God and Jesus, her mom and dad, her grandparents, and her school's principal, Karen Weimer.
When asked why she was thankful for all those things, Kayly responded, "Because God is really nice to us, my mom and dad give me presents at Christmas, my grandma and grandpa give me turkey on Thanksgiving, and Mrs. Weimer gives us a gift certificate and a pencil every Friday."
Blake Lerner, 7, is thankful for his mom, dad, and his two four-year-old twin brothers, Garret and Grant. Lerner also said he was thankful for his grandma because she plays a lot of games with him, and his cousins who often come over to play games because they live close to him and his family.
Brandi Overton, 7, enjoys the fun things in life. She said she is most thankful for Scooby Doo, because it's real funny, and for her family, who she has tickle fights with often. Overton particularly likes playing "The Tickle Bug," a game her and her cousin, Alyssa, made up together.
Roger Church, 8, is thankful to have his father home and doing well after recent wrist surgery. Church explained his father was in the Navy and away from home often.
Church also said he is thankful for his mom because she gets him stuff, like an X-Box video game system, and his cousins for different reasons.
Church likes his cousin Miranda because she's funny, and his cousins Conrad and Cameron because they each have a lot of video games.
Megan Vandygriff, 8, is thankful for her family, who help her with her homework and take her to the park to play frisbee with her dog, Cody, who is a boxer.
Vandygriff is also thankful for two new additions to her family, her adopted cousins Marie and Anna. Vandygriff likes to have fun with them, especially when playing freeze tag, which is the trio's favorite game.
Joseph Romanski, 8, asked if there was a limit to the number of things he could be thankful before answering the question.
When he was told, Romanski said he was thankful for his family and cousins, having a house to live in, his teacher, Mrs. Dunning, for teaching him, having his uncle's car to ride to places in, and that his oldest cousin, Brad, was alive after recently having surgery on his leg to remove a tumor.
Romanksi said he was particularly thankful for his dad, who plays football with him, and has taught him how to make bonfires.
His dad also helps him set up his Sony Playstation, which Romanski said he was thankful for having.
One of the most interesting things Hallie Carnes, 8, said she was thankful for was her voice, because if she didn't have her voice, she wouldn't be able to speak and learn Spanish, which she would like to do when she gets older.
Carnes also said she was thankful for the news, because "it tells us stuff we don't know."
Other things Carnes was thankful for included he family and friends, her life, food, and her dog, Scotty, a black labrador/husky mix, and the world.
When asked why she was thankful for the world, Carnes said, "Because I wouldn't be here if there was no world," as if explaining something which was obvious to all except the interviewer.
Krystal Bunch, 8, said she was thankful for her family and friends, her teacher, Mrs. Miller, the Earth, music, houses, schools and churches, and for television news, which she watches a lot.
Bunch said she was also thankful that God and Jesus love her.
Caelynn Hayen's list of things she was thankful for was short and sweet.
The seven-year-old is thankful for her cat, Shadow, her mom, and her grandmother, who Hayen described as, "very, very sweet."
Brooke Polly, 7, said she was thankful for her family, which consists of her mom, dad, brother and sister, and one huge pet.
Chad Brooks, 7, was thankful for his life, family, food, and the liberty and freedom that comes with being an American.
The last second grader interviewed, Neda Grable, 7, said she was thankful for her life, her friends and family, and he dog, Max, a beagle, and her cat, Midnight.
She also said she was thankful for food and water, electricity and shelter, clothes, freedom and America.