No more pop cans in Michigan landfills

Published 7:14 am Monday, November 8, 2004

By Staff
LANSING - Residents must find alternatives to disposing of carbonated beverage containers (for example, beer and pop cans), whole tires, and yard waste due to changes in state legislation modifying the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality's prohibited landfill material list.
The items will no longer be allowed in landfills, according to the Michigan Waste Industries Association.
The legislation was an effort by the Michigan legislature to limit recyclable materials from going into state landfills.
Carbonated beverage containers should be recycled through a community recycling program, or if a deposit was paid, returned to the retailer for a refund.
Tires should also be recycled at a scrap tire processor, or in many cases, at a local tire retailer. Most tire retailers accept old tires for a fee when purchasing new tires.
Yard waste should be used as mulch or in a backyard compost pile. If on-site management is not possible, yard clippings should be sent to a composting facility or farm to be used in growing agriculture products.
For a complete list of prohibited landfill materials or if you have other questions, please visit the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality's website at