Hein children sweep SMC’s Halloween bash

Published 6:21 am Friday, October 29, 2004

By By MARCIA STEFFENS / Niles Daily Star
At the eighth annual Shake, Rattle and Roll Halloween Bash at the Southwestern Michigan College Museum Wednesday evening costumed children enjoyed making crafts and enjoying goodies, as they were helped by Museum volunteers and members of the Masons and their spouses.
Judges Diana Kingsley, of Leader Publications, Carole Tate, from the Board of SMC, and Judge Susan Dobrich, had a tough decision choosing the best costumes in six categories. During their deliberation, storyteller Doug Bennett of Paw Paw told a scary tale complete with his own sound effects.
In the age 2-5 group, Sam Hein of Niles took first place as the funky chicken. Second was little Bo Peep, Mackenzie Brooks of Dowagiac.
In the next age group, 6-8, Ele Hein of Niles won the judges over as a tube of Crest toothpaste. Second was princess Samantha Marshall of Dowagiac.
Another Hein child from Niles, Libby, won first place in the 9-11 category as "Tea for Two." Her head was a teapot, setting on a table, complete with two tea cups. She even showed how she could pour.
Second was a very unique costume on Jessica Whitmore of Dowagiac. She was "static cling," complete with socks and other pieces of laundry stuck to her body.
The next category went from age 12 to senior in high school. Chuck Osborn of Dowagiac was simple a black-eyed pea, taking first. Second was Arianna Miner of Niles, as an old fashioned teacher.
In the over 18, First place Dawn Stephson of Cassopolis was "Ready for Bed," while Merri Manley of Dowagiac, second place was a dead bride.
A new category of historical fiqures had winners Dan Peters of Dowagiac in his Roman soldier gear. Tying for second were Samantha Mathews, 11, and Kendra Pope, 14, both of Dowagiac, as goddesses.
The Allen family of Dowagiac won the group category with their triplets and 6-year-old, Alyssa, Ryan, Sarah, and Emma, as the characters from the Wizard of Oz.
Meg and Kate Hein of Niles won second as Dr. Doolittle's "Push Me Pull Me." They even did a little soft shoe.
Unfortunately this ends Kate reign as queen of the bash. Last year she won her fifth straight first place at the annual event, while appearing to carry her head in her hands in front of a much taller torso. She has also won as a mechanical fortune teller; "Kate a la carte," a witch holding a human head; a swatted fly; and as "Mommy Weirdest," a baby with a pacifier clinging to the back of a stooped old woman.