Bobcats place 10th in 34th running of one of the oldest races in Michigan

Published 5:54 am Monday, October 25, 2004

By By ADAM FISHER / Niles Daily Star
Through the rain and the mud, Kalamazoo Christian and Bangor were the respective winners of the girls' and boys' races at Saturday's Brandywine Cross Country Invitational.
Kalamazoo Christian finished with 29 points, including the girls' race winner, while Bangor finished with 77 points and the boys' race winner.
Last year's girls' winner, Kalamazoo Hackett, took second place this year with 58 points. Detroit Country Day finished second in the boys' competition with 85 points.
The sloppy conditions of the race trail led to slower times by the runners at one of Michigan's oldest races. This was the 34th running of Brandywine's invitational.
The host Bobcats finished 10th of 11 schools in the boys' race with 237 points. Brandywine did not have enough runners to complete an official time in the girls' competition.
Buchanan's boys placed seventh with 194 points, while the Bucks girls took sixth with 143.
The highest placing local runner was Edwardsburg sophomore Angie Bronicki, who took fifth in the girls' race. Her finished helped guide the Eddies to fifth place.
Mike Penninger, also of Edwardsburg, finished 10th, as the Eddies took 10th in the boys' race.
Brandywine's Caylin Garrard finished 11th in the girls race with a time of 23:07. Kalamazoo Christian's Leah Reames won the event in 20:11.
The Bobcats' Brain Wieger finished 18th in the boys' competition with a time of 18:53. Winning the race was Nick Tomsic of Bangor in 17:42.
For Buchanan, Gina Sabasty was the top girls' finisher, taking 19th place in a time of 24:13. Harper Sulter led the Bucks' boys, finishing in 27th place with a time of 19:22.8.
Brandywine, Buchanan and Edwardsburg runners will attempt to qualify for the state championships in Saturday's regionals.
Brandywine Cross Country Invitational
Team Scores
Kalamazoo Christian 29, Kalamazoo Hackett 58, Bangor 93, Edwardsburg 97, Marcellus 143, Buchanan 143, Coloma 152, Mendon 161, Brandywine DNF, Bronson DNF.
Top 20 individuals
1. Leah Reames, Kalamazoo Christian, 20:11; 2. Grace Escamilla, Kalamazoo Hackett, 20:47; 3. Janice Haney, Bangor, 21:32; 4. Charisa Hallett, Kalamazoo Christian, 21:35; 5. Angie Bronicki, Edwardsburg, 21:51; 6. Nicole Leep, Kalamazoo Christian, 21:59; 7. Lauren Westerman, Kalamazoo Christian, 22:44; 8. Anna Escamilla, Kalamazoo Hackett, 22:54; 9. Megan Molony, Kalamazoo Hackett, 22:54; 10. Haley Smith, Bronson, 22:56; 11. Caylin Garrard, Brandywine, 23:07; 12. Allison Cutter, Edwardsburg, 23:19; 13. Rachel Bishop, Kalamazoo Christian, 23:37; 14. Stephanie Halley, Coloma, 23:44; 15. Katelin Bowman, Edwardsburg, 23:58; 16. Lindsey Kealy, Marcellus, 24:02; 17. Jody Kolberg, Bangor, 24:02; 18. Janelle Harris, Bronson, 24:03; 19. Gina Sabasty, Buchanan, 24:13; 20. Rachel Hesselink, Kalamazoo Christian, 24:14.
Team scores
Bangor 77, Detroit Country Day 85, Mendon 87, Bronson 88, Kalamazoo Christian 98, Marcellus 137, Buchanan 194, Coloma 217, Edwardsburg 227, Brandywine 237, Kalamazoo Hackett DNF.
Top 20 individuals
1. Nick Tomsic, Bangor, 17:42; 2. Tom Vigen, Kalamazoo Christian, 17:58; 3. Devon Burger, Marcellus, 18:04; 4. Matt Planteuga, Kalamazoo Christian, 18:08; 5. Mike O'Brien, Kalamazoo Hackett, 18:14; 6. Nick Shaw, Bronson, 18:19; 7. Dale Brondidge, Detroit Country Day, 18:20; 8. E. Stienbarger, Mendon, 18:34; 9. John Feeney, Detroit Country Day, 18:35; 10. Mike Penninger, Edwardsburg, 18:36; 11. Kyle Dornan, Bangor, 18:38; 12. Sam Murray, Mendon, 18:40; 13. Matt Haag, Marcellus, 18:42; 14. Justin Sills, Bronson, 18:44; 15. Andrew Breyer, Kalamazoo Hackett, 18:47; 16. Doug Vroman, Mendon, 18:49; 17. Eli Goudzward, Mendon, 18:50; 18. Brian Wieger, Brandywine, 18:53; 19. Marius Miliunas, Detroit Country Day, 18:54; 20. Tony Klingler, Bronson, 18:55.