Brandywine earns first victory of the year

Published 2:50 am Friday, September 24, 2004

By By MARK ANDERSON / Niles Daily Star
NILES - Selge Field was alive with school pride Friday when the Brandywine Bobcats used homecoming night as the occasion for their first win of the season in Lakeland Conference varsity football.
The scoreboard read 33-7 by the time the well-attended game was over.
Although the River Valley Mustangs ran as hard as they could - chalking up 198 yards in total rushing to Brandywine's 193 yards - their only touchdown came in the last quarter when Nathan Payne crossed the goal line after a 15-yard run. This was actually the Mustang's first touchdown of the season.
Kaleb Frazier posted Brandywine's first points with a 43-yard run with just over a minute to go in the first quarter. After the successful extra point put the score at 7-0, River Valley took possession of the ball but only advanced to their own 15-yard line by the quarter's end.
The halftime score would become 27-0. Starting quarterback Brian Westveer posted Brandywine's second touchdown with a one-yard run at around 9:20 in the second quarter, which was followed by another successful PAT and upped the score to 14-0. Westveer then armed his passing skills, exploding with an 18-yard touchdown pass to Zach Bennett and a 21-yard touchdown pass to DJ Elrod.
The Brandywine PAT attempt right after the second of the two TD passes was missed due to a bad snap.
River Valley didn't get deep into Bobcat territory very often. The Mustangs only made it to their own 49-yard line at 8:11 in the second period. And a promising march that advanced RV to Brandywine's 20-yard-line in that quarter was shortcircuited with a pass interference flag that landed RV in the unenviable position of second down and 40 yards to go.
But the Mustangs were able to trespass a little more in the third period, the only scoreless period of the game. That quarter included an offensive effort that put RV within 5 yards of the goal line. However, the Bobcats' defense, pumped by their team's scoring spree and strong fan support, frustrated the RV scoring drive.
The score become 33-0 in the last quarter with a one-yard run by Brandywine's Alan Schoff.
Brandywine had 10 first downs to River Valley's 13, and the Mustangs managed to have a fumble-free game. Brandywine had just one fumble with a loss of possession.
In passing, RV had 11 attempts with 4 completions for 43 yards. Brandywine also had 11 attempts, but with 5 completions for 105 yards.
Cody Miller was named Homecoming King. Andrea Tomlinson was crowned queen.
Next week Brandywine travels to Bridgman. On the following Friday Berrien Springs comes to Selge Field.