Cass grieves loss of student

Published 12:43 am Friday, September 3, 2004

By By MARCIA STEFFENS / Niles Daily Star
CASSOPOLIS - Following the death Wednesday evening of Trent Caudill, 16, from injuries he received from a two-vehicle accident on Tuesday afternoon, the Cassopolis School community has been helping both the staff and students cope.
Caudill was a passenger in the car driven by Troy Kennedy, 16, also of Cassopolis. Trujillo, has has been at the hospital along with Ross Beatty Principal Rusty Stitt, said Kennedy sustained very serious fractures to his femur along with a shattered wrist. He went into surgery Wednesday night and is listed in fair condition.
All sports were cancelled for the week following the girl's basketball game, Trujillo added. The question as to whether the state will rule the football game a loss remains. "The kids are going to be penalized," he added. "Waivers are usually not granted."
But the "paramount concern," Trujillo said, "is that we lost a student athlete." Area pastors and clergy, police, other school district counselors, along with staff from Woodlands, have been available to help the students.
In his 34 years, when involved in such a crisis, Trujillo felt the Cassopolis plan was "exemplary."
He also praised the students and football players, who went to the hospital. he received a call from a nurse on how well they all handled themselves.
The third student and other driver involved, Todd Nelson, 17, of Cassopolis, was treated and released on Tuesday with minor injuries.