Vandals spraypaint vehicles; State Police apprehend suspects

Published 12:06 am Saturday, August 28, 2004

By Staff
NILES - Michigan State Police have two suspects in custody in connection with recent vandalism that occurred during the course of the night or early morning hours of Aug. 25.
Numerous vehicles were spraypainted while they were parked in driveways and near the roadways of homes located along Fulkerson Road between Northfield Drive and South 14th Street, and 14th Street north of Fulkerson road.
The suspects' names are being with held pending arraignment in the Berrien County Fifth District Court.
On Aug. 24, Niles City Police arrested Justin Michael Ricchart, 19, 1526 Clarendon Ave., pending charges of driving while his license was suspended.
On Aug. 24, Niles City Police took three male juveniles into custody pending charges of being in possession of stolen goods and curfew violation.
Police stopped the suspects around 1:50 a.m. The three boys had a large amount of candy and soda and claimed it was given to them by a friend, according to the police report.
When one of the juveniles was interviewed alone, he confessed that the candy and soda were stolen from Brandywine High School. One of the juveniles was also riding a stolen bike.
The suspects were transported to the Niles Law Enforcement Complex where they were photographed and finger printed before being released to their parents.